A Workflow Orchestration Platform Designed for Quantum & HPC

Covalent is an open-source Python-based workflow management tool used for creating, scheduling and executing modular code on advanced computing resources over the cloud

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Rapidly prototype complex machine learning experiments

Modular & reusable workflows

Break complex and repetitive tasks down into reusable modules and flows, with familiar pythonic functionality (blocks, flows, loops and more.)

On-demand Advanced Computing Resources

Covalent serves as a single entry point for CPU, GPU, QPU, and quantum-inspired hardware, no setup required

Intelligent Task Scheduling

Reduce runtime, queue time and execution costs, with intelligent task scheduling and available dynamic rescheduling

Develop in Python, Monitor Online

Monitor the state of tasks, subtasks, and entire workflows directly inside Covalent’s browser-based UI

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import covalent as ct

@ct.electron # Create
def add(a,b):
    return a+b

@ct.lattice # Construct
def workflow(a,b):
    return add(a,b)

# Dispatch
dispatchable_func = ct.dispatch(workflow)
id=dispatchable_func(a="Hello ",b="world !")

print(ct.get_result(id)) # Collect
"Hello world !"


Open source

Covalent is open source. Get the code here.

It’s pythonic!

No need to learn any new syntax or mess around with YAML


Covalent automatically stores and saves the run of every experiment in a reproducible format

PennyLane integration (Coming Soon)

Gain access to features such as smart scheduling and automatic resource allocation when running quantum tasks with PennyLane

Little-to-no overhead

Covalent’s overhead is less than 0.1% of the total runtime for typical high compute applications

Browser-based UI

Monitor the state of your workflows (electrons + lattices) in real time

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